1. archatlas:

    Saltscapes San Francisco Bay Cris Benton

    Benton’s images allow us to slip our earthly bonds and see the world from new heights, his aerial views offering a fresh perspective on familiar landscapes. Surprising and sublime, Saltscapes can be enjoyed equally as a collection of art photography and a portrait of ecological transformation and resilience.”


  2. liferuin:

    Paul Octavious | Tumblr
    Lean With It, 2012

  4. sylvester ulv for balenciaga


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  6. 1000scientists:

    Lauryn Holmquist photographed by Davis Ayer

  7. champagnepapucho:

    Victoria Siemer

    'Manipulated Landscapes', 2014.

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  9. plizm:

    Transfer, 2013
    Kevin Corrado

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    u better werk betch

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    i love her

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  12. colorfulgradients:

    colorful gradient 3255

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  13. Christian WeberAssuring Protection, 2012

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  15. asylum-art:

    The work of Robyn Cumming

    Robyn Cumming’s aesthetic can be described as Steel Magnolias gone awry, but in the best way possible. Working from the heaps and piles of the stereotypical female imagery we all know and love (or love-to-hate, depending on your own alignments), the Toronto-based artist creates a body of work exploring, exploiting, and evolving the ordinary into something a little more sinister, and far more eccentric. Her own clever bio sums it all up, quipping, “If [Cumming] were an emotion, [she] would be laughing that turns into coughing…and then dry-heave style crying.”

    Decomposing iconography of womanhood and the clichés of femininity, she creates disturbing portraits of awkward, stiff figures, gorgeously delicate photographs of middle aged women, complete with mascara tears, and domestic interior landscapes of disturbed sixties suburbia, shag carpet and all.